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    What to do? - Activities on Land

    Activities on Land

    Samos was once one of Greece's wealthiest islands and is full of architectural wonders from the ancient world. The island offers something for everyone with its lively towns and rustic hill villages.

    Nature was kind to Samos and gave the island a dramatic and highly indented coastline that is perforated with long, sandy beaches and many small shingle coves. Inland Samos has abundant springs, singular scenery, and lush woods of pine and oak. Two magnificent mountain ranges encircled by gentle rolling hills complete the picture.

    Samos is so gorgeous in places, it's hard to believe it wasn't deliberately planted, pruned and preened by some landscape artist. Amidst of all this beauty you can enjoy and experience the Pure Samos "Land activity program".

    Horse Riding

    Horse RidingAnother perfect way to blend in with Samos and experience its magical surroundings is on horseback!

    Imagine riding in a land dotted with olive groves and ancient sites, up into the rough mountains with breathtaking panoramic views, through small traditional Greek villages or down to the beach for a swim in the clear blue waters. Be prepared for numerous lovely surprises!

    Walking & Hiking

    Walking & HikingSamos is without a doubt one of the most perfect Greek islands for walking and botanising. Walking and hiking paths for all experience levels can be found around the island.

    Mines and Caves

    ClimbingBelow the mountains Samos hides an abundance of natural caves and ancient mines. There are more than 70 discovered caves on the island, with many more still thought to exist. Some shallow caves can be visited "on foot" and are often found to have small chapels inside.

    Rock Climbing

    ClimbingSamos is dominated by two mountain complexes called the Kerkis and the Karvounis. Rock-climbing fields of all levels, with views over the sea can be found all over Samos, and many are still under development.

    Mountain Biking

    ClimbingSamos is also a mountain biker's dream, with routes ranging from fairly easy to ridiculously difficult. All of them have the satisfying reward (aside from burning thighs) of phenomenal views, no matter what part of the island you explore.

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