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    What to learn - Pure Samos Experiences

    Traditional Samian Dancing

    If you like dancing and embrace a little action during your holidays, we have the ideal experience for you!
    Pure Samos gives you the opportunity to learn the wonderful traditional dances of Samos, while enjoying the sun, nature and culture of the island.
    Samos belongs to the Aegean Islands. The music of the Aegean Islands is very delightful and lyrical and as such portrayed in its dances. These are characterised by the lightness of steps and the springing in the knees.


    Cooking the food of Samos

    Visiting Samos now gives you the opportunity to learn about the Greek cuisine and more specific, the Samian cuisine!

    Probably you have heard about the health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet. An ancient way of life more than a diet, that insures a healthier and longer life.

    Our Greek chef can teach you all about the secrets of preparing delicious Greek dishes according to traditional recipes, using only the best and super fresh ingredients. Find out what culinary Samos has to offer!


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