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    Pure Samos - Samos Island

    The Island of Samos

    If you love nature and travelling to unknown places, the island of Samos in the East Aegean Sea is a sure candidate for your "must visit" list.

    From its magnificent mountains and hidden coves in clear blue sea to the myriad species of wildflowers that paint the landscape each spring, the pureness of Samos will bring you an awing experience you'll never forget.

    With its turbulent history and its abundance of natural beauty it was famed to be one of the richest islands in history. Despite the fact that it's one of the most beautiful Greek islands, Samos remains unknown to the large majority of travellers. Therefore, mass tourism hasn't had an effect on the natural beauty of the place or its inhabitants and visitors can still enjoy this pure and wild gem in its essence.


    NA Periferia

    Samos belongs to the Greek periphery of the Northern Aegean, which consists of the islands of Samos, Ikaria, the small island group of Fournoi Korseon, Chios, Lesvos and Leros.

    In Greece, Samos is a comparatively large island with its 476 square kilometres. The island lies close to the shores of Minor Asia (Turkey).

    Samos is an island with unique natural features. Its high rising, green mountains, abundant and colourful flora and wonderful pebbled beaches are only a few of the long list! The image that remains on your mind when you visit here, is that of endless vineyards, olive tree coves, picturesque villages and crystal blue water.


    It's main agricultural products include the world famous, award winning sweet Samian Muscat wine, ouzo, honey and virgin olive oil. In order get a good idea of the quality of these fantastic products, we arrange trips down farmer's lane for you to see, feel, smell and taste the cultivates from Samos.

    History & Culture

    And if that isn't enough to entice you, maybe the rich history and culture are! From the first inhabitants in the 3rd millennium BC to the great Tyrant Polykrates, all Samian civilisations left their footprints on the island. Many of which can still be visited and admired today.

    Under the rule of Polykrates for example, Samos flourished and became an important naval power around 550 BC. Also arts and sciences thrived in that period and it was then that the famous Sanctuary of Hera, the first technical harbour and the Efpalinio Orygma - an ancient aquaduct - were built.

    Many famous people have their roots on Samos, such as the astronomer Aristarchos, who was the first to argue that the sun was the centre of the universe, the philosopher Epicurus who became famous with his ethic of individual pleasure, the fable writer Aesop (i.e. The Boy Who Cried Wolf) and of course Pythagoras, the great filosopher-mathematician. Today you can still visit the cave in the mountains where Pythagoras is said to have hidden from Polycrates!

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