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    What to See - Experience Tours

    Experience Samos Tours

    Probably the strongest feature of Pure Samos is that the people who are involved in your trip actually live on the island you are visiting. We don't just hop by once a year with a clip board or research the place on the internet. We read the local papers, watch the local TV, talk to our friends and colleagues and know what is going on. If you have a special interest, we can advise on what's best to see, when its best to see it and what is the best way to get to it.

    In this section "What to See", you see a selection of the experiences we offer, showing you the natural, social and active essence of Samos. Customized experiences are always available!

    Wines of Samos

    Wines of SamosIn the "Wines of Samos" Experience we take you on a mental and physical journey through the fascinating world of winemaking on Samos. A journey that takes you from the traditions of the viniculture on the island, the beautiful situated vineyards and their cultivation to the contemporary and world famous wines produced on the island.

    The Wines of Samos experience includes a wine tasting of 8 different Samos varieties, great scenery and a deliciously rich lunch with local specialties, accompanied by some unforgettable home-made wines!


    A Taste of Samos

    A Taste of SamosA Taste of Samos takes you around the island feasting your taste buds, nose and eyes! So many great produce is coming from the fertile soils of Samos, it would be a shame if you didn't get the change to actually see, smell and taste them yourselves! So we will make sure not one of your senses is left unsatisfied by the time we finish our trip!

    A Taste of Samos includes herb & honey sampling, an Olive Oil tasting of 3 different Samos varieties, great scenery, some culture, a goodybag and a delicious lunch with local specialties, accompanied by authentic samos wines & spirit!


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