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    Where to Stay - Accommodation


    "When in Samos... do as the Samians do!"

    If you really want to get to know the place you are visiting, you should try living as the inhabitants do.

    On Samos we have selected a number of unique, privately owned accommodations for you to spend your holidays in. Traditional private houses in typical Samian villages, charming farmhouses in more rural areas or secluded and luxury villas will give you the opportunity to melt in with nature, culture and the local people.

    By individually selecting our properties, we know them well and can ensure you that each has been described truthfully.

    Village Houses

    Village HouseMany villages lie scattered over the Island of Samos; some of them up in the mountains with stunning views of their surroundings and others close to the sea front with beautiful beaches.

    Inside these picturesque villages we found some great traditional village houses for you to spend your vacation. Get a real taste of the Samian village life when you buy your bread in the morning or sitting down on a terrace at the town square in the evening!

    Country Cottages

    Country CottageAn island as green and fruitful as Samos has many lovely, rural areas filled with citrus trees, olive trees and farm life. In the local 'ktimata' (rural gardens) we have found some really unique country cottages. Here you can wake up to the sound of birds and enjoy your freshly laid egg in the morning!


    VillasPure Samos also selected some terrific and luxurious villas on the island for you. The perfect hideaways to spend your holidays when you are looking for a private and secluded environment. Each of the villas has its own set of characteristics and provides very high standards of comfort.

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