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    Where to stay? - Village Houses

    Village houses

    Below you find a list of Village Houses in Samos


    Mili lies on the south coast of Samos in the valley of Pythagorion. This picturesque village is located in the citrus region of the island and is completely surrounded by orchards. Here they grow the most succulent and sweet oranges on the whole island! Circled around the charming village square are several restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy great food or a lazy afternoon drink.

    The sea lies at a distance of 3 km. A lovely walk of about 30 minutes along the river Imvrassos, through the orchards, will get you there. By car it will take just 5 minutes!

    Mili - Pats & Suzies House (2-6 persons)

    Pats & Suzies House

    In the hart of the little citrus village of Mili, lies Pats & Suzies House; a successful compromise between authentic Greek style and modern comfort. Thanks to neighbours with green fingers, the house finds itself at the most flourishing and blooming corner of the car-free village. Read more


    Marathokambos lies on the southeast part of Samos at the protecting foot of the mighty mountain Kerkis and acts as a "balcony" over the island's southern beaches. It has both old churches and caves to explore while the green, lush and quiet environment offers the perfect place for walking and hiking activities, but is also a convenient starting point for other activities you might want to engage in during your holidays. A 10 minute drive down hill brings you to Ormos Marathokambou, a lovely port and the coast with its many lovely beaches to choose from.

    Marathokambos - Marathokambos 1880 (2-4 persons)

    Marathokambos 1880

    This wonderful traditional house in the mountain village of Marathokambos was built in 1880. It has been completely restored and adjusted to modern standards. The house is furnished and decorated in a style that perfectly reflects the traditions of the island in a contemporary way. The stunning sea view completes this pretty picture. Read more


    The picturesque village of Kokkari lies on the northern coast of Samos, 10 kilometres west of Vathy The area surrounding the village is full of vineyards, pine and olive trees. Over the last years, Kokkari has become one of the most tourist friendly villages on Samos, although it has retained its rustic charm with a lovely selection of shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. There are nice beaches to relax and wind and water here are ideal for windsurfing, swimming and snorkelling.

    Kokkari - Papa Joes House (2-6 persons)

    Papa Joes

    We found Papa Joe's House to be an unexpected surprise in the picturesque village of Kokari! Just across the street from the main beach, hidden in a typical Greek alley, this little stone house is very conveniently located. The local shops and tavernas are nearby, and so is the small fishing harbour with its cosy bars and mesmerizing sea views. Read more

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